What is a comb cut?

A Comb Cut is a term used by cat groomers that refers to a haircut that is created using clipper comb attachments. Sometimes referred to as a "teddy bear trim" or a "plush trim." If there is a specific haircut you are looking for, the best thing is to bring your groomer a picture for confirmation.

What is a Comb Cut?

A comb cut has the same stopping points as a lion cut – leaving boots, a natural ruff and a full or pom tail. While the lion cut is very closely shaved to the skin, professional cat groomers use additional tools to  leave anywhere from 3/8″ to 1″ worth of hair on the cat’s body.

This trim is primarily for medium- and long-haired cats, although shorthaired cats with thick hair can have a bit “taken off the top” with a comb cut.

Who can get a Comb Cut?

This trim is a great option for cats who are older, as shaving elderly cat skin can be treacherous. Comb cuts can also be performed with less manipulation of a senior cat’s legs and body, which can exacerbate arthritic limbs. Some feistier cats may be able to get this trim if they are not lion cut candidates, but should be discussed with your professional cat groomer.

Who can NOT get a Comb Cut? 

Comb cuts can only be done on cats that have no mats or tangles. It is a trim that is recommended for cats who are on a regular grooming schedule (6-8 weeks) and would not prefer a lion cut. For the best trim, the coat must be bathed, dried and the groomer must have the appropriate equipment. Scissors are NOT used to create this trim and we do not recommend using scissors or shears to trim hair on the cat’s body, legs, tail or head.

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