Your Cat's New Favorite Toys, Treats and More!

Here are Cat Naps Cattery, we go through a lot of toys, treats, games and activities to test out exactly what our feline guests are enjoy during their boarding stays here in NJ. Some of our biggest hits include:


Inaba Churu treats are a HUGE hit with even the pickiest of kitties! This creamy, mousse-like treat comes in several flavors and each size pouch is enough to share between two feline friends, or for one’s indulgence! For a crunchy treat, Kitty Cravings are a tasty and popular. Having trouble getting your cat to eat wet food? Fussie Cat Premium canned food has stinky, yummy Tuna in every flavor as an appetizer.

Toys & Games

While every kitty may have different favorites in cat toys, some of our most popular play things include feather toys (with or without a jingly bell), stuffed catnip toys and crinkly balls for them to bat around and chase.

Health & Wellness

Hidiing places and interactive furniture is a must have for any kitty. At Cat Naps, our Jungle Combo by Kitty City pop up tents and tunnel are a favorite by cats both young and old. If your cat loves running water or needs to be drinking more water daily, a pet fountain is the way to go. For flat face or light colored cats, tear staining is a big concern. This Lid ‘N Lash eye wipes gently clean any gunky build up on sensitive cat eyes.