But Won’t My Cat Hate Being Away From Home?

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Cat boarding can be an unfamiliar environment, and many cat owners are nervous to take their cats away from home while they are away. However, getting your cat used to being in new places and around trained cat lovers is very beneficial!

Get Them Used to Traveling, Car Rides and Carriers

It is very common for indoor cats to hide away in their homes and vary rarely venture out. However, it is very important to get them comfortable with being in their carrier and some traveling. If your cat only goes in their carrier and for a car ride when they are sick or are getting groomed, it can be difficult for the cat to have a positive association with their carrier and with traveling.

Scheduling a cat for short term visits to a cat boarding facility, cat groomer, etc. can help them to realize that the carrier is a safe place and that car rides lead to something fun! Like treats, snuggles and play time. For tips on getting your cat comfortable with their carrier, see this article. When your cat is used to their carrier and car, then it is significantly easier to transport them if they are feeling under the weather, there is an emergency, or there is a change in the household (moving, new additions, etc.). Taking the time early on to help the cat be comfortable with dramatically improve their overall quality of life.

Socialization With Trained Cat Lovers

In addition to learning to like their carrier and traveling, it is good for cats to learn how to meet new people without feeling scared or overwhelmed. Cats need to be approached in a specific way and be in an supportive environment for them to come out of their shell. For cats that already have a high level of socialization, then visiting other cat lovers is a great way to enrich their lives. While some cats can be adverse to change at first, as cats become socialized they thrive on different environments, toys, people and play time.

A cat boarding facility is not like your average pet boarding. And it is very different from having a neighbor or friend stop by to check on them while you are away. Many cat boarding facilities have highly trained staff who know exactly what to look for and how to treat the different cats that stay in their care. This includes recognizing a change in litter box behavior, physical symptoms of illness, and knowing how to adapt each cat’s stay so they are engaged and stimulated in ways they enjoy.

One-on-One Attention Customizing Their Stay

Cat boarding is not just for the cat’s safety and well being, but to keep them engaged. Enrichment using toys, games, play styles and treats is a great way to fend off boredom. Bored pets can turn destructive, or just mope around the house being unfulfilled. At Cat Naps Cattery in NJ, our cat visitors get a chance to try a huge variety of activities and toys so we can find out what they like. Each cat will have different preferences and it is important to not overstimulate or make them nervous. This includes climbing walls, cubby hiding places, feather toys, chasing games, jingle or bell type toys, scratching posts, tunnels and cat tents, watching out a busy window (cat TV) or just quiet snuggling with soft music. Trained, cat loving staff know exactly how to approach your cat while introducing new activities and how to find out where your cat’s favorite petting spots are.

Also, many cats who enjoy being around people love the near constant attention they get while being at a cat boarding facility. Instead of a quick drop in visit once or twice a day, they have access to care takers any time they are feeling frisky or lonely. Always check with your cat boarding facilities to see if they have overnight staff as well, Cat Naps Cattery is one of the few cat boarding facilities in New Jersey that have staff onsite overnight.

Smells Like Home

Cat boarding places can easily be your cat’s home away from home. The surest way to do this is by bringing a small blanket or towel with you when your cat comes for boarding. Cats process a lot by their sense of smell instead of just sight. Having one or two items that smell like home can help a cat acclimate to a short or long term stay with a smooth transition. Cats have scent glands on the tops of their heads, which is one of the reasons they rub or headbutt people and furniture they like - it is so they can smell like them! Once the cat’s boarding room smells like them, they will see it as a second home and get comfortable quickly.

Why Cat Naps Cattery

Cat Naps Cattery is the premiere cat boarding facility in NJ. We have spacious boarding rooms, a variety of activities, treats and toys, and best of all - no barking dogs! Our Certified Feline Master Groomer also offers beautiful cat grooms for cats of all ages and breeds, services can include nail trims, nail caps, cat bathing, haircuts, shedding treatments and more!

See the difference at Cat Naps:

  • Daily housekeeping including litter box cleaned 4x a day and food/water bowls refreshed 2x a day minimum

  • Cat-safe cleaners, disinfectants and deodorizers keep our facility clean and smelling fresh

  • Custom cat trees, furniture and climbing shelves made with materials that can be cleaned thoroughly (no carpet)

  • Stays include 20 minutes daily out and about in our Kitty Courtyard play area with additional time available to add to any stay

  • Separate temperature control and air flow in our boarding area with HEPA filters

  • Large, open windows bringing natural light throughout the day

  • Plush, layered bedding, blankets and cat beds for snuggling and taking cat naps

  • Constant monitoring and security measures, plus overnight staff onsite

Are you in NJ? Schedule a tour to see our cat boarding facilities by contacting us here. Questions about our cat boarding and cat grooming services? See our FAQ section for commonly asked questions.