Our groomer Lynn is a NCGI certifier and can administer both written and practical exams. A minimum of 2-3 cats (including at least one Persian/Exotic/Himalayan) is needed to attempt all 5 practical exams. See below for more details about taking CFMG exams below.


Taking Exams at Cat Naps Cattery

Option 1:  Both written and practical can be done during days of scheduled training. Cats (average of 2-3) are provided for you during each day of training. The average student schedules 3-5 days of training before attempting practical exams. Sign up for a day of instruction and/or exams.

Option 2: Lynn can administer practical exams during business hours if scheduled in advance. There is a nominal fee of $50.00 to use the grooming salon facilities. The salon is available from 9:00am - 3:30pm, Monday through Friday. You will either need to bring or arrange for your own cats for exam attempts. For more information regarding practical exams, visit NCGI here.

We highly recommend students work through the NCGI's Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus prior to scheduling days of hands-on training. While not required, students will need to demonstrate understanding of topics presented in the Syllabus before attempting CFMG practical hands or being provided cats with more challenging behaviors or grooming needs. Lynn can provide lectures on these topics during training days with students who have not completed the Syllabus first. Use the code LYNN in NCGI's online store to receive $200 off the cost of the Syllabus program.


Exam fees are required to be paid directly to NCGI for each written exam taken and each practical exam passed.  Lynn can provide same-day grading for all written and practical exams attempts except for the Business Management essay. 


Lynn is hosting fellow CFMG/Certifier Gracee Owen from Upstate Meow in South Carolina for a 3-day Cat Grooming Workshop in August 2019. Click here for more details.