Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers! Rest assured that we will take the very best care of your cat, whether visiting for a nail trim, or staying in our spacious suites for several weeks.  Please reach out to us with any questions!


Why should i board my cat?

We get asked this a lot! Our boarding facility is unique in the size of our spacious suites, the focus on enrichment throughout your cat's stay, our trained professional staff, and our onsite presence overnight. While some cats may prefer to remain in their own homes for a short time away, we provide a safe, social space for your cats to receive plenty of attention, whether for a quick weekend trip or a long term relocation or deployment.  Your cats are never without monitoring and a trained staff member nearby. Take a Tour of Our Boarding Area.

This is a perfect set up for young, energetic cats who need plenty of playtime, nervous cats who need consistency and comfort, senior cats who need monitoring and a calm safe space, multi-cat households who need space to climb and explore, and every kitty in between! 

Will they be exposed to any illnesses or disease?

We completely understand your concerns. It is important to us that only healthy, symptom-free cats are allowed in the grooming and boarding areas of our facility. Cats will never meet or come into contact with cats that are not part of their own family. All surfaces, shelves, food & water bowls, litter boxes and toys are thoroughly cleaned between cats use. This is also why we require proof of vaccines and a clean bill of health before all cat's visit to Cat Naps Cattery. 

What if my cat is really nervous?

This is completely normal! It is similar to taking your child to their first day of kindergarten. We take an abundance of care to provide a quiet, calm environment to allow your cat time to come out of their shell. In no time, the majority of cats discover they enjoy spending their time spent with us, exploring new climbing shelves, playing with a variety of toys, and taking an afternoon cat nap on our staff's laps!

What should I bring for my boarding reservation?

Each cat should arrive in their own carrier. This is for the safety of all the cats in our care. Also, while we provide almost everything your cat will need during their stay, you should bring an appropriate amount of your cats food to limit any upset tummies. You are also welcome to bring a small blanket, favorite toy, or even a shirt of yours, as scents from home can be comforting while away from home. However, we do ask that any sentimental or valuable items remain at home. See details of our boarding reservations and process here.

Does my cat need their vaccines?

For your cat's first stay at our facility, for either a grooming appointment or boarding reservation, we ask for the following:

  • Veterinary Record of Exam within the last 12 months

  • Proof of Current Vaccines (as recommended by your vet)

Our top concern is the safety and well-being of all the cats in our care. We will accept titer results or a letter of exemption from your veterinarian if your cat is unable to receive additional vaccines. An exam within 12 months of your cat's first visit assures that there are no stress related or underlying health concerns which can be affected by visiting a new place, meeting new people, and experiencing new services away from home. For proof of exam, we can accept records or receipt from your veterinarian, or you can provide us with permission to call and speak to the veterinary clinic directly.  See a tour of our facility or schedule your boarding reservation today!

Don't cats groom themselves?

This is a common myth! While cats may be fastidious lickers, their skin, coat, nails, ears and more would benefit from a trip to the groomer to help alleviate common grooming issues. These include excessive shedding, sharp claws damaging furniture & skin, unpleasant hairballs or odors, and of course, any clumps, knots or tangles. Our highly skilled Certified Feline Master Groomer Lynn has worked with cats of all ages, sizes, breeds, and behaviors to keep their coats in tip top shape! Check out our grooming services page to see how we can help you and your kitty!

What should I expect at my grooming appointment?

Our goal for grooming appointments is to limit your cat's stress and discomfort. For these reasons, we limit interruptions throughout the day so we can focus on each of the cats in our care (kitties are not thrilled with a lot of stop and start during their spa sessions!). 

Grooming appointments are dropped off during our morning lobby hours of 9:00 to 10:00am, and picked up during afternoon hours of 4:30 to 6:00pm. Each cat receives access to fresh water, a clean litter box and time in our catio where they can play with toys, lounge by the window or snuggle our staff after grooming is complete. We also have limited Priority Grooming appointments with a 12:30 to 1:00pm pick up time, these are subject to an additional fee. 

How much does it cost to get my cat groomed?

Grooming fees vary based on weight, services provided, coat length and condition. Our standard service, Clean & Combed Out starts at $52.00 for cats under 12lbs and $60.00 for cats over 12lbs. Any clumps, knots or tangles can increase this price, however we will be able to provide a much more accurate quote when we meet your cat in person. See all grooming services offered and pricing estimates here.

Do you really bathe cats?

Yes we do! You would be surprised at how the majority of cats can learn to enjoy a warm, massaging bath when in the capable hands of an experienced Certified Feline Master Groomer. We believe baths to be an essential service in keeping your cat's skin and coat clean, healthy and beautiful. Our most important goal is the safety and well-being of your cat, our groomer Lynn will be able to decide and provide the best services for your individual cat and its needs.

Talk to me about lion cuts.

The grooming term "Lion Cut" refers to a close shave all over the body. It is just one of the grooming options we offer at Cat Naps. In cases of moderate to severe matting, a lion cut may be the only option for the cat's safety and comfort. However, shaving is not always a great choice for every cat based on age, skin and coat condition, behaviors, health, etc. Our trained professional groomer will be able to assess your cat at the beginning of their appointment and offer recommendations based on their findings. Get more information about what lion cuts look like, which cats are candidates, and more.

But what if I don't want my cat shaved?

As long as your cat has minimal to no clumps, mats or tangles, full body shaving is not the only option available to you! We recommend our Clean & Combed Out groom which leaves your cat's coat soft, flowing and smelling fresh. Alternatively, our Comb Cut option is a haircut leaving approximately 1/2" - 1" of hair in a cute "Teddy Bear" style. See all of our grooming services here.