Are You Tired of Being Scratched and Swatted By Your New Kitten?

Kittens have a tendency to play rough, with very sharp little nails! However, trying to safely trim those tiny daggers while your kitten is squirming and flipping around can be frustrating! Let us help!


Cats under 6 months are at a great age to start getting used to grooming, not just nail trims! Our introductory grooming program will encourage all cats to love traveling, their carrier, meeting new people and of course, everything grooming!

At Cat Naps Cattery, we want all new kittens to become well socialized and to enjoy their spa days. This includes trimming nails, cleaning ears and eyes, brushing & combing, bathing, trimming (if request), and more.

Our Kitten Program is purrfect for your new kitten to learn all these things during 4 visits, scheduled 2 weeks apart. You will have access to our Certified Feline Master Groomer to answer all your questions regarding kitten care. Ready to schedule? Email Us!

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Included In Our Kitten Program

  • Nails Trimmed (all 4 visits)

  • Ears Cleaned (all 4 visits)

  • Introduction to Brushing & Combing (all 4 visits)

  • Warm Bath & Blow Dry (visits 2 & 4)

  • Full Comb Out (visits 2 & 4)

  • Introduction to Clippers (if requested)

  • Tips for Traveling, Overnight Boarding and Vet Visits

  • Answers to Your Kitten Care Questions

  • Over $70.00 in Savings!

Benefits of Regular Grooming

  • Cats are more likely to tolerate, and even enjoy grooming when started at a young age

  • All problems associated with poor grooming can be completely prevented! (Hairballs, Matting, Shedding, Dandruff, Sharp or Ingrown Nails, Dirty Ears, and more)

  • Keep sharp little kitten nails trimmed to prevent damage from scratching

  • Build a trusting relationship between kitten and groomer!

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Get all the Details and Schedule Your Kitten’s First Visit!

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Kitten Grooming Visit

This grooming package is purrfect for kittens! Our frequent schedule of grooming services is designed to make sure your kitten becomes familiar with our facility, staff and the grooming process itself. Plus, you'll love snuggling a clean kitty without worrying about getting scratched by super sharp kitten nails! 

Initial Visit: Kitten spends the day with our groomer, checking out our amenities (boarding suite, grooming room, and lots of play time in our catio!), and getting their first introduction to grooming tools - including a nail trim and a gentle comb out.

Visit 2: Kitten gets to revisit familiar areas (suites and play catio), plus their first bath appointment! Also, nails are trimmed, ears cleaned, and coat is combed out.

Visit 3: This appointment is to reinforce positive experiences with play time, handling of their paws, ears, etc. and concludes with a nail trim and gentle comb out.

Visit 4: A second bath and comb out appointment wraps up the appointment. By this time, your kitten should be feeling comfortable in their carrier, traveling in the car, visiting Cat Naps Cattery and working with our groomer. We can also spend time discussing any trimming or haircut options and what grooming schedule would best fit your kitten's needs. 

The kitten grooming package visits are scheduled 2 weeks apart, and is available for kittens under 6 months of age. Pay just $50.00 at your first visit, for a savings over $70.00!