Business Hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 9:00am-10:00am and 4:30pm-6:00pm

  • Saturday: By Advanced Appointment Only

  • Sundays & Major Holidays: Closed to Non-Feline Guests

Our limited lobby hours provide us the most uninterrupted time with our feline guests. during both boarding and grooming services.


We are happy to schedule you a visit to come view our facilities. For the safety of our feline guests, tours must be booked in advance to ensure all kitties are secured in their suites for your visit. 

Please see boarding pricing and policies below or by clicking the above "Book a Reservation" button. Download our New Client Forms here.



Suite (single cat) - $36 per night
Suite (two cats, same family) - $48 per night

Check out is between 9:00 - 10:00 am. Cats that check out after that time will be charged an additional night.
Check in is between 12pm - 6:00pm by appointment. Please allow 10-15 minutes for check in.

Long-term rates (30+ days) available, inquire with Cat Naps Cattery for more information.


A 50% deposit is required to reserve a boarding suite. Refunds are processed for cancellations with a minimum 48 hours notice. No refunds are offered for stays booked over holiday or peak visits. Bills must be settled in full on the day of collection before the release of the boarded or groomed cat. We accept cash or major credit cards.  

Before Your First Boarding or Grooming Visit:

  • All cats must have received a veterinary exam within the past 12 months prior to their first visit to Cat Naps Cattery

  • All cats must be current on vaccines recommended by your veterinarian, including Rabies and FVRCP*

*We will accept a letter of vaccine exemption from your veterinarian if they have determined the health of the cat is jeopardized from vaccines.

For Your Cat’s Stay:

  • Each cat must arrive in their own carrier. No exceptions.

  • Supply of their current food for the duration of stay Please separate into individual labeled meals or in original bag with your measurement cup/scoop. *House food available for purchase, see below for details.

  • All cats must be free from transmittable illnesses (i.e. FIP, upper respiratory, ringworm, etc.), fleas and parasites. Cats displaying symptoms including sneezing, runny eyes/nose, skin lesions, etc. will not be permitted in the facility until deemed healthy by a veterinarian. We suggest that cats be treated for fleas at least 14 days prior to boarding, especially if they venture outdoors. Only veterinarian-recommended products should be used on cats. If live fleas are found, treatment will be administered for an additional fee of $35.00 per cat. 

  • Any medications, supplements, etc. should be provided in the original container and labeled with your last name, pet's name and dosage instructions. See Medications below for details.

  • (Optional) Favorite toy and/or treats

  • (Optional) Small blanket, tee shirt, pillow case or towel that smells like home

We encourage our customers to bring up to 2 small items that look or smell familiar from home to help their kitty settle in quickly, especially for first-time boarders, however you should leave valuable or sentimental items at home. 

Each cat must arrive in their own carrier. This is for your cat's comfort and safety. Hand-held or leashed cats will be provided a carrier at a rental rate of $25.00. This ensures we have your cat's safety in mind if they need to be separated for feedings, while cleaning their suite or in case of any emergencies. For our favorite carriers and how to encourage your cat to enjoy their carrier, see our Carrier Recommendations here.

Meals & Feeding Instructions

To limit upset tummies, we recommend bringing enough of your cat's current food for the duration of their stay. Please separate food into labeled meals or in the food's original bag/container with the cup or scoop you use for serving size. We can accommodate special diets or feeding instructions for meals provided from home. Refrigerated space is available for storing open or fresh foods.

Forgotten at home or ran out of enough food for your kitty's stay with us? We have a selection of high quality house brands available to serve. Cost is set per cat's weight: $3 per day for cats under 12lbs, $5 per day for cats 12lbs and over. This includes choice of food style, a combination or be based on your cat's taste preferences. Serving size is based on weight and feeding instructions, typically 2 meals per day.

  • Fussie Cat Market Fresh Dry Food Salmon & Chicken

  • Fussie Cat Grain Free Wet (selection of flavors available)

  • Blue Ridge Beef Fresh Prepared Kitten Mix (includes Chicken and Beef, appropriate for all ages)


Additional Services & Products Available:

  • Individual Play Sessions with a staff member

  • Private Fresh Water Fountain in suite

  • Catnip Toys available for purchase, locally made

  • Medication Administration

  • Picture or Video update

  • Nail Trim or Nail Caps application

  • Grooming services (see the Grooming menu for details)

  • House Food Provided for an additional charge


If your pet is on any type of medication or vitamin supplement, please supply an adequate amount and we will be happy to administer. Oral medications or supplements that can be given with your pet’s meal are given at no charge. However, if your pet needs to be “pilled,” needs ear medication, eye medication or topical medication, there will be a fee of $2.00 per administration. Medications should be provided in the original container and labeled with your last name, pet's name and dosage instructions. 

At this time, we recommend that cats requiring insulin injections are best served boarding at a veterinary clinic for monitoring insulin levels.  

Veterinary Care

At our boarding facility, your cat is treated like one of our own. Should a problem arise in your absence, we ask that you leave an emergency number where you will be staying or that of a relative or friend who would either be able to contact you directly or make a decision in your absence. If a feline guest becomes ill during their stay, we will place them in a quarantined area, inform you (the owner) and/or your emergency contact, and seek advice from a veterinarian to act on their instructions. For this reason, we ask you to complete our Consent of Veterinary Care form when booking. Please note that you will be responsible for any veterinary care expenses.