Our trained professional groomer Lynn, a Certified Feline Master Groomer, provides the highest quality cat grooms in the area. She specializes in cats and has even trained hundreds of groomers from around the world to groom cats safely and beautifully.

Grooms are scheduled to be dropped off between 9:00-10:00am and picked up between 4:30-6:00pm. Cats receive a complimentary play or relaxing session in our kitty courtyard, plus access to fresh water and litter box after their groom is complete. We limit interruptions during the day to ensure the safety of both our groomer and all our feline guests. Many cats prefers several breaks during the grooming process.

We also have Priority Grooms available on a limited basis for owners who wish to pick up earlier in the day. See below for details.

To ensure the health and well being of all our feline guests, please provide the following prior to the first grooming or boarding visit:

Prior To Initial Boarding Or Grooming Visit:

  • Completed Client Information & Cat Personality Forms

  • Proof of Veterinary Exam within the last 12 months

  • Current on Vaccines as Recommended by your Veterinarian

Clean & Combed Out

longhaired cat bath clean and combed out
shorthaired cat bath clean and combed out

This is our standard grooming service for all kitties. Regular grooms of every 4-8 weeks (depending on the cat’s needs) prevent matting, hairballs, excessive shedding, in-grown toenails, litter box leftovers and even ear and eye issues. It includes:

  • All nails trimmed

  • Gentle ear and eye cleaning

  • Warm, massaging bath

  • Complete blow dry

  • Comb out to remove excess dead coat and any minor tangles*

  • Sanitary trim for large or long-haired kitties

Price: Starting at $52 for cats under 12 lbs, $65 for cats 12lbs and over*

*See Clumps, Knots & Tangles below for information regarding any matting charges.

Shedding Package

cat shedding package groom NJ

Is your cat shedding up a storm? Let us help! This de-shed groom gently removes excessive dead coat and can eliminate up to 80% of shedding at home if repeated every 6-8 weeks. Includes everything in Clean & Combed Out plus additional hair removal without affecting the length of the cat’s coat. A great option for mild to moderate allergy sufferers!

Price: Starting at $67 for cats under 12lbs, $80 for cats 12lbs and over*

*See Clumps, Knots & Tangles below for information regarding any matting charges.

Sharp Nails

cat nail caps Soft Paws NJ

Are you having trouble with your cat's sharp nails scratching and causing damage? We have the solution! Soft Paws are small, vinyl nail caps that cover the sharp tips of your cat's nails. They are still able to extend, grasp and make natural movements while wearing the Soft Paws. Soft Paws can be applied in addition to any grooming service, while boarding or scheduled as a stand alone appointment. We currently carry clear, red, blue and purple Soft Paws. 

Price: Front Paws only for $18.00, All Paws for $30.00

Every Soft Paws application includes trimming all nails, and removing any old Soft Paws. We recommend replacing nail caps every 4-6 weeks, maximum 8 weeks to prevent any discomfort.

Comb Cut

cat comb teddy cut groom NJ

This “short and fluffy” trim is preferable for older or more particular cats who are not candidates for the shorter Lion Cut trim. Less hair, but leaves the cat with a cute teddy bear style look. Includes everything in the Clean & Combed Out groom, plus a haircut leaving approximately ½-¾ of an inch of hair. Tail can be left full or trimmed in a pom pom style.

Price: Starting at $72 for cats under 12lbs, $85 for cats 12lbs and over*

*See Clumps, Knots & Tangles below for information regarding any matting charges.

The Lion Cut

cat lion cut NJ

You want the hair GONE. We totally get it! This trim is quite close to the skin, only leaving a moderate mane, hair below the front elbows, rear hock bone and either a full tail or a pom pom style. Lion cuts are a great option for both short and long-haired healthy, adult cats to prevent matting or reduce shedding. 

Price: Starting at $95 for cats of all sizes, pricing is dependent on coat condition*

See Clumps, Knots & Tangles below for information regarding any matting charges.

Clumps, Knots & Tangles

matted cat haircut shavedown NJ

*Prices quoted above assume the cat has minimal to no clumps, knots or tangles. Cats that are matted will be quoted additional fees during check-in based on the time required to safely remove them. Severe or large areas of matting will require a Lion Cut for the cat’s comfort. A more accurate price can be provided once the groomer evaluates the cat’s condition and personality. Cats with certain medical or stress-related conditions may be referred to a veterinarian for a sedated groom or monitoring for the cat's safety. 

Matted cat grooms have a typical price range of $125.00 - $175.00

Contact Cat Naps Cattery for more details and pricing estimates. 

Priority Grooms: Limited appointments are available with a 12:30-1:00pm pick up time. These are typically booked at least 3-4 weeks in advance and are only available during the week. Priority grooms add a $25.00 fee to any grooming service listed above.

Nail Trim Only appointments are available for approved client cats. These cats have completed a full personality assessment during a boarding stay or full grooming services appointment. Nail trim appointments can be scheduled by calling (609) 545-2314 and cost $12.00 (plus tax) per cat.